Point standings show leading Four Teams in Local Football League

The updated point standings in the local Football league have been received.  As teams continue the mad rush to make it into the final four, the point standings are showing that the current top four teams are:’

SL Horsfords with a clear lead out front on 31 points; CCC Bath United in second on 25; Brand Slybo Stoney Grove Strikers in third on 19 points and All stars in 4th on 17 points.

The full point standings are as follows:

SL Horsfords Highlights1210113372631
CCC Bath United*1281353173625
Brand Slybo SG Strikers1161434171719
Brantley Bronx United*124172925413
NEC Villa International113351645-2912
A,N & M Stones United7007331-280

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