General Post Office Household Receptacles

The St. Kitts-Nevis General Post Office hereby reminds all residents of the current COVID-19 pandemic and the importance for continued vigilance in observing all protocols and taking every precaution necessary to stop the contracting and spread of this dreaded virus. The virus continues to be transmitted from person to person and we each have a responsibility to reduce our risk of exposure to this dreaded virus. The Postal Service has a responsibility to its staff and customers in reducing the risk of exposure to the virus, and it is against this backdrop that we are making available for purchase, household receptacles/mailboxes to be placed at your homes. There will be three types available, ranging from EC$47 to EC$110.00 each.

This initiative will not only help our Postmen/Postwomen on ‘The Walk’ to adhere to the physical and social distancing protocols but also to fend off an age-old problem: The threat of dogs. It must be noted that dogs are very territorial and are prone to continuously attack the Postmen/Postwomen. Also, this initiative will assist in the speedy delivery of your mail.

Your Postal Service is constantly working to minimize the risk of exposure to COVID-19 and enhance the security of our Postmen/Postwomen and Customers while improving our service to you in general.

If you are receiving your mail by Postman delivery and have a dog on the premises, it is recommended that you erect a household receptacle on the outside of your gate or rent a Post Box. This will safeguard our Postmen not only from contracting and/or spreading of the deadly COVID-19 but also the prevention of dog bites and a guaranteed timely mail delivery service.

We seek your fullest cooperation in this endeavor.

For more information please contact our offices at:

  • 467 1344

  • 467-1072

  • 467-1451

Remember, your Postal Service cares. Protect your Postman! Protect yourself! We are in this together.

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