Notice to Mariners

As a result of the rapid increase in maritime traffic, particularly small water crafts such as water taxis in the coastal waters of St. Kitts and Nevis, the risk of accidents is now much higher.  All Operators and Captains are therefore advised for their own safety, the safety of passengers, cargo and the marine environment to navigate in accordance with the existing navigation rules from sunrise to sunset, from sunset to sunrise and in all conditions of restricted visibility such as fog and rain squalls.

Operators are specially advised to maintain a proper look at all times that is, day and night in compliance with Navigation Rule 5 and to pay close attention to the required lights at nights and day shapes during the day time.

Small boats such as fishing boats below 7 meters, fishing and navigating at nights shall exhibit a white light in sufficient time to prevent collision.

Please help us to help you create a much safer environment. This notice comes from the Department of Maritime Affairs, Water Services Building, Needsmust, Basseterre.

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