2010 Summer Sensation Dance Continues!!

Stacey Greene

ZIZ News…August 19, 2010 – A young dancer who has developed her dancing skills internationally is giving back to her fellow dancers here in St. Kitts Nevis.

As promised dancers are receiving a thrilling, engaging, muscle-working, memorable time!

The 2010 Summer Sensation Dance Workshop, which ranges from beginners to intermediate and pre-advanced-level dance participants and emerging choreographers, is being hailed as an ideal training endeavor in the arts by the participants. The 3 week session is being led by Ms. Stacey Greene, a performer and choreographer who started her dance career at the age of 17 with the CFBC Dance Ensemble. She later joined the Vivace Dance Company and has been training in the United States in New Jersey and Philadelphia PA areas in Ballet, Modern-Jazz, Hip-Hop and Gymnastics.

In continuing in her growth she has tutored both at the Fireflies Dance School and the Vivace Teen Academy and has been a guest tutor at the Children’s Dance Theatre. Her dance career so far has led her to appear in several memorable dance performances such as the renowned Ballet piece called “Don Quixote” under the tutelage of Graham Lustig, artistic director of Princeton Ballet School, New Jersey.

Week 1 kicked off on the 16th of August in the dance genre of Ballet. Emphasis has been placed on correct alignment and movement dynamics as the class is covering a wide range of ballet vocabulary, from the barre to center adagio. Participants are sure to develop a strong sense of phrasing and an awareness of ballet as a vital foundation for all forms of dance by the end of each session.

Ms. Greene during a performance with the Children’s Dance Theater

Interested persons may still join in on this artistic educational opportunity by registering for the week 2 sessions in the genres of Modern, Modern-Jazz and Aerobics’ Training. This session will focus on the development of core strength, alignment, and artistic expression. Material will be drawn from a diverse movement vocabulary to stimulate and develop the dancer’s technique and imagination. This week will be conducted from August 23rd to 27th and will see beginners 4:30 to 6:30pm and Intermediate to Pre-Advance Dancers 7:00 to 9:00pm.

The final week 3 which begins on September 30th will see participants engaging in Basic Gymnastics Training and Cheerleading. In this week participants will engage in a combination of high level, energetic dance skills with basic tumbling skills to show forth traditional school leadership. Registration forms may be collected and returned to the department of Culture as well as receiving more information as to the workshop times.

Due to the high interest requests and inquires a master class is now being offered and will be hosted on Saturday September 28th at 2:30 pm. All sessions are being held at the Youth and Community center on Victoria Road. The general public is also being invited to come to the center on Friday 20th and 27th at 5:30 or 8:30 to see the beginners and Intermediate to Pre-Advanced sessions respectively in a showcase displaying a few of the week’s trainings.

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