About ZIZ TV

Under the guidance of Mr. Eustace John, ZIZ Television officially began programming on December 3rd 1972, becoming a part of the number one media house in the Federation.

ZIZ Television can be seen on Cable Channel 5 – St. Kitts. ZIZ TV is known as the community station, and sees itself as the People’s station, since its programming is about the people of St. Kitts and Nevis as a Nation.

The local programming offers by the station makes it unique. There is consistent coverage of major events on the island, such as, Carnival Celebrations, Tourism Month Activities, Independence, Music Festival, News of the day, Village Festivals and Culturama on Nevis.

Now broadcasting 24 hours daily, up from 8 hours a few years ago, the programming hours have grown significantly as the needs of the people of the Federation has grown. Ninety percent (90%) of the programming on ZIZ Television is local, fulfilling its role of keeping its viewers informed, educated and entertained.

ZIZ Television is also a member of CMC (Caribbean Media Corporation) network and CBMP-Caribbean Broadcast Media Partnership bringing news of Major Caribbean Events, Issues and Programs from around the region.

With valuable archive material from as far back as the 70’s, ZIZ Television has recently taken the decision to make the showcasing of this material a major component of our programming, and from 12 midnight to 4 p.m the next day, video footage and a look at the history and the economic and infrastructural development of St. Kitts and Nevis is shown to our viewers.

ZIZ Television has a LIVE evening news broadcast daily at 7 o’clock. Additionally, there is a LIVE broadcast of shows on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of each week, namely: In – Focus, Telecomms Talk and Action Sports on Tuesday, as well as, The People’s Show – an entertainment format show on Wednesday.

ZIZ Television hopes to continue to grow and satisfy the needs of our viewers.

It is our aim to increase our broadcast of Live Local Productions.