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The ability to listen to ZIZ Radio and watch features of ZIZ Television  Online! Listeners and viewers can’t always get the broadcast signal in their office buildings or even while they are out of town but THEY CAN NOW! As people move from their cars to their offices, they bring their favorite radio station with them and as an advertiser, you can follow! The “at-work” listening audience is a premium audience. They listen longer.No other medium can reach them as effectively as Radio streaming! And, ZIZ  offers the most options for you as an advertiser!

Our News Content is first with the  large local and online audience with an appetite to stay in touch.  By developing, and presenting, credible, timely and compelling news package with material that’s constantly updated. You can count on the most comprehensive reports on stories that  includes everything from national news, regional news and sports.

Get a front row view to your favorite shows from Carnival and other functions Live or On Demand  via In-Concert. In-Concert features incredible live performances from Todays events and Yesterdays hottest Carnival Shows. Take a trip down Nostalgia with, Carnival footage from 1995,  Netball Games from 1980s. You get the picture.

See it again!  Exclusive video from years gone by.  Featuring, speeches, events, etc. that have shaped the Federation of St Kitts and Nevis.  See them on Demand. Find out more.  Log on.  You may see yourself.