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Accident at Fort Street Being Investigated

An investigation is currently being conducted into a traffic accident that occurred on Fort Street, Basseterre on Friday (April 12) in which a pedestrian was injured.

Kite Donation to Children’s Home

In what has become an annual tradition FLOW and a local kite-maker brought some early Easter cheer to the residents of the St. Christopher Children’s Home.

Exposition Nevis 2019

Premier of Nevis Hon. Mark Brantley officially declared Exposition Nevis 2019 open with an address to the nation on Monday.

Engineer criticizes “misleading” sign

An environmental engineer has condemned a recently erected billboard near the site of the new Basseterre High School that says “Coming Soon, Sewage Water, Protect Your Water”.

Philanthropists Decry Propaganda on Humanitarian Aid

Philanthropists Mickey Weintraub and Connie J. Jaynes are decrying propaganda being peddled that humanitarian aid that arrived in St. Kitts and Nevis on April 6, 2019, aboard US Airforce C17 cargo plane, is as a result of rampant poverty.