Radio Market

140” flat screen E-Tech 8mth2,000762-4274
 Glass windows 24×4525.00 ea466-6690
1Samsung galaxy edge8.00668-3026
3Pieces of rolling phelt250.00665-2595
4Big barrels100.00 ea668-4761
 Kitchen cupboards350.00661-9398
1Glass table, side table150 & 100
1Entertainment center2,000
1Glass case750.00
1Popcorn machine1,000
2Bunk bed mattress & box665-0289
1Apt in Green Tree 2 bedrm7641975
1Daewoo Washer & Dryer1,800664-6496
 Children clothes & shoes665-7546
13 bedrm 2 bathrmapt in Cayon1,200669-8963
1Sm 2 dr master tech fridge1000663-4364
4Dining rm chairs600     “
1Sm 4 burner stove700     “
1Dressing table600     “
13 pc living rm set 4 cushions2,000     “
2Deep freeze 7ft long3,000664-4015
12 dr standing fridge1,500663-8545
2Lg cell phones & clothes for sale750 ea662-2162
 School bags, mauby25 & 25,15665-7506
1Baby car seat to give     “
1Bed frame, golf balls for sale$50, 50c ea669-7441
1 1 burner stove, electric guitar50.00, 300     “
1Guitar amplifier400.00     “
 Anyone who has a transmission for a Nissan Pathfinder 02Call664-4350
1I bedrm apt all inclusive in SP750.00663-0551
 Household items664-3488
1I bedrm unfurnished/furnished1,000     “