Radio Market

ZIZ’s Radio Market is a weekly radio show that airs every Saturday from 11am – 12pm on ZIZ 96.1FM. Tune into ZIZ Radio where phone lines and airwaves become your market.

Callers can Buy or Sell products or services under $5000 live on ZIZ Radio.

To have your goods or services aired on the show, persons must call in and advertise themselves. Callers may also call in to make requests for goods or services.

 Various electrical material to giveCall for info465-6403
1Female dog Pitbull/Doberman  350.00665-8269
1Samsung 24” television  500.00    “
14 seater dining room set  600.00668-6001
1Nissan Sentra 92 model  2,000466-8163/667-2336
1 Living room set 3 piece  1,000660-9965
1Nissan Sentra engine 90 model900.00664-6920
 Dwarf size coconut trees25 up661-0367
12 bedroom apt in Tabernacle800.00665-9514
1Doberman, Pit/Rot and Rot mix300.00665-8269
13 bedroom in Old Road (neg)1,500760-3170
 Chef, sales clerk and bakery asst neededCall for info466-7224
1Furnished apt Gillard’s Meadows700 U.S762-7445