Radio Market

1Toyota Windom 94 95 transmission3,000764-5384
15 Pcs of form ply used100.00 ea663-6225
20 Pcs of 2×440.00 ea     “
1Studio apt in Sandy point466-8537
1Sectional chair set3,200765-3002
1Double door Whirlpool fridge3950     “
1Nissan Sunny14,000662-6304
 Need used or new cribCall for info662-9025
2Smart TV 40 & 32” Samsung2000,1700662-3360 663-0551
1Exercise chair200661-0459
1Whirlpool washer good condition1,600663-2051
122” RCA flat screenNeg663-2291
1S8 Plus cell phone2,500767-3434
1Mini fridge 1 year old700.00663-0484
122” Sharpe fat back TV100.00760-6674
1Four seater dining room table350.00662-6233
1 Night stand200.00     “
314” hubcaps20.00 ea668-2378
140” Samsung smart TV1500667-1508
13 bedroom house fully furnished1500766-6460 663-7390
12 seater Living room chair set300.00466-6269
12 door refrigerator800.00     “
 Someone looking an antique toilet tank with chain to buyCall if you have one667-2336
 Baby sitting service 7pm-7amCall for info763-1713
1Mazda 323 1995 model5,000665-2835
 Someone needs a gear box for a Mitsubishi Pajero or L200Call if you have one665-4320
1 Sewing machine475.00661-8110
1Dinner ware set 16 pcs175.00
2Pairs of Bridget sandals 8&9400.00763-4051
 Sweet potato by de bag & lb200, 2.50668-0613
 Children clothing boys and girlsCall763-3505, 668-1674