Radio Market

ZIZ’s Radio Market is a weekly radio show that airs every Saturday from 11am – 12pm on ZIZ 96.1FM. Tune into ZIZ Radio where phone lines and airwaves become your market.

Callers can Buy or Sell products or services under $5000 live on ZIZ Radio.

To have your goods or services aired on the show, persons must call in and advertise themselves. Callers may also call in to make requests for goods or services.

1Dining room table400.00663-8235
 Solar batteries    “
1Home theatre amp    “
1Tablet     “
 Household items glasses, vases,Call for info466-4989
 Silverware, picture frames,     “
 Clothing material     “
1New full size mattress & metal frame1,500665-8269
1Cannon fax & photo printer200.00    “
1Kindle fire tablet200.00     “
1Queen size mattress700.00     “
118 cubic ft fridge1200765-1728
124” TV flat screen800.00665-9714
 Short breed coconut trees10.00765-9926
132” TCL TV used1000.00766-1682
1Glass table  450.00661-9398
1Glass case450.00    “
1TV stand  350.00     “
1Glass stand150.00     “
1Entertainment centre1,200.00      “
 Lime trees30.00668-5690
 Alligator dogs800.00663-2100
110,000 watts transformer1,500668-7047
1Toaster (used)125.00661-8110