Radio Market

ZIZ’s Radio Market is a weekly radio show that airs every Saturday from 11am – 12pm on ZIZ 96.1FM. Tune into ZIZ Radio where phone lines and airwaves become your market.

Callers can Buy or Sell products or services under $5000 live on ZIZ Radio.

To have your goods or services aired on the show, persons must call in and advertise themselves. Callers may also call in to make requests for goods or services.

1Ladies pedal bicycle600.00660-3005
 Tamarind by the bag7.00766-3310/660-5901
 Tyres for sale (sizes: 225,65 and 17)200.00665-2595
1Grand pianoNeg663-0099
 Local fowls to give awayCall for info466-9172
1Silver tool pan900.00662-4038
 Elite speakers400.00 US973-698-8222
 Someone needs a 2 drawer filing cabinetCall for info665-4320
 Mountain bikes for sale5-800.00    “
2Chihuahuas mixed breed50.00 ea665-7744
1Bunkbed hard wood2,000.00665-2892
1Mabe 10 cycle washer (2 yrs)5,000.00762-6579
1Mattress full size bottom and top500.00661-7491
15 burner Whirlpool electric stove (brand new)500.00 US663-9663