2018 TDC Warren C Tyson Memorial Scholarship and TDC Financial Services Company Limited Academic Excellence Awards

As part of its commitment to educational advancement, the TDC Group of Companies rewarded students with scholarships during its Academic Excellence Awards presentation on Saturday at the TDC Training Room on Fort Street.

15 students were recognized for their outstanding academic performance after completing their primary level education. 7 students received TDC’s Academic Excellence Award and 8 students received the 2018 TDC Warren C. Tyson Memorial Scholarship.

The Warren C. Tyson Memorial Scholarship program is designed to assist and support students entering the secondary schools across St. Kitts-Nevis.

These young scholars are eligible to receive financial assistance throughout their secondary and tertiary school years. As part of the award, students are also afforded the opportunity to work at TDC during their vacation time.

About 150 students have benefited from the TDC Warren C. Tyson Memorial Scholarship programme since its inception in 1981.

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