24-Hour Youth Diabetes Camp ends at Old Road Community Centre

Margaret Stevens
Margaret Stevens

On Saturday, the St. Kitts Diabetes Association and the St. Kitts and Nevis Red Cross Society wrapped up its inaugural Youth Diabetes Camp at the Old Road Community Centre.

Our cameras were at the opening ceremony on Friday evening and spoke with Clinical Dietician Margaret Stevens who shared what she hoped to achieve with the participants.

“I’m a Clinical Dietician and I’m going to be assisting the children with food preparation so they have a better understanding of how they can prepare their meals from scratch. That would assist them in controlling their Diabetes. The camp has been set up so they can ask questions of all the healthcare professionals and get a better understanding of what their condition means to their lifestyle,” she said.

Dr. Reginald O'loughlin
Dr. Reginald O’loughlin

Public Relations Officer for the St. Kitts Diabetes Association Dr. Reginald O’loughlin was also on hand. He said managing Diabetes can be a problem for young people.

“Poor control of Diabetes causes lots of serious and severe complications including amputations, including kidney failure, including blindness. We are trying our very best to cut down on the incidents of these complications so hopefully this camp would be one of a series of major events that would help to curb and curtail and control some of these problems that we are facing among the very young diabetic population,” he explained.

The Youth Diabetes Camp lasted 24 hours. It began at 6pm on Friday evening.

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