Licensing Authority Waives Inspection For Vehicles Scheduled To Be Licensed In June And And July

The Licensing Authority in StKitts and Nevis has waived the inspection for vehicles scheduled to be licensed in June and July – that is, vehicles ending with license plates six and seven – according to Superintendent of Police, Cromwell Henry, during the June 29, 2021, edition of Leadership Matters.

The licensing authority has approved the waiving of the vehicle inspection for vehicles ending with six and seven, paving the way for vehicles to be licensed without such inspection certificate,” said Superintendent Henry.

Persons who are impacted by the lockdown currently in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic and have to renew their vehicle licenses can do so via StKitts and Nevis Inland Revenue Department website:

The portal requires persons to upload a vehicle inspection certificate. Therefore, in the absence of the inspection certificate, persons are asked to upload their vehicle insurance in both spaces for vehicle insurance and vehicle inspection certificate. That means, that the insurance will be uploaded twice so that the application can be processed.

For persons to utilize the website, they must first create an account and then register. Persons with expired drivers’ licenses are also encouraged to utilize the website. All persons, especially those affected at this time are encouraged to utilize this service.

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