2nd Annual Restaurant Week officially launched

(ZIZ News) — Restaurants across the Federation are showcasing authentic local cuisine as they participate in the 2 Annual Restaurant Week.

While appearing on this week’s edition of “Working For You” on ZIZ Radio, Consultant in the Ministry of Tourism, Kathleen Pessolano, gave an overview of the 12-day event.

“Restaurant week is a promotion of local food on St. Kitts and Nevis and also the local dining scene,” she said.

“It is not a festival in the sense of asking folks to go to Warner Park for a day like for CPL cricket or Music Festival,” she explained. “It’s taking place at the restaurants themselves. For people to take advantage, we recommend you go to the website which is ‘www.restaurantweek.kn’ and you’ll see the whole list of restaurants that are participating at their locations.”

Pessolano added that Restaurant Week would also give residents and visitors a chance to sample local products.

She also said this year’s main ingredient is pumpkin.

“It’s to celebrate the local food and we have a local ingredient every year. This year the ingredient is pumpkin. The major themes are really all about local sourcing, celebrating the delicious food and culture that make up the cuisine and also really supporting those opportunities for Kittitian and Nevisian folks to get out and enjoy your own tourism product”, Pessolano explained.

Persons who dine out during Restaurant Week will be able to take advantage of special promotions and fun ways to earn deals at their favourite restaurants.

The theme for this year’s Restaurant Week is “Dine Out and Eat Restaurant Week 2016”.

The week runs from July 13 to 24.

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