#7 Domino League 25th Anniversary: PM Harris To Worship At Estridge Moravian Church

BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, July 24, 2020 (MMS-SKN) — In celebration of the 25th anniversary of Constituency Number Seven Dr the Hon Timothy Harris Domino League, sponsor of the league Prime Minister Dr the Hon Timothy Harris will on Sunday July 26 along with members of the domino fraternity attend a special worship service.

“On Sunday the 26th of July, 2020, we will be having a church service at the Estridge Moravian Church in Mansion, at 8:30 am with all the teams of Constituency Seven Domino League,” said Mr Calvin Farrell, President of league’s Executive Committee, and League Coordinator.

He added: “There are fourteen teams presently registered for our 25 years of domino in our constituency, and that is really remarkable for the Prime Minister and our Area Parliamentary Representative, Dr the Hon Timothy Harris, representing that constituency very well and sponsoring this tournament for past 24 years plus this 25th year. It is remarkable as it is not 25 days but it is 25 years of hard work and dedication.”

According to Mr Farrell, the domino league started in 1996 at Mansion and it is therefore fitting that the church service to mark the 25th anniversary is held in the same village. When the league was started it was meant to bring communities together, and when they approached the Area Parliamentary Representative the Hon Timothy Harris to be its sponsor, he came on board.

“I am saying thanks to our Prime Minister and the sponsor of the league,” said Mr Farrell. “I do not think any other league has been going for the 25 consecutive years in the country or even further afield in the region and I am proud to be a part of this league for 25 years. I have been there from the inception and I am happy to be here still and I do hope we will continue to have a great league and be not selfish in whatever we do and keep fair play at all times in this league.”

Clubs taking part in this year’s tournament are defending champions Parsons Domino Club, Saddlers Domino Club, Unity Patriots Domino Club, Unstoppable Domino Club, Sylvers Domino Club, Christchurch Domino Club, Molineux Domino Club, Small Corner Domino Club, Guinness Domino Club, Giants Domino Club, Phillips Domino Club, Lodge Domino Club, Mansion Domino Club, and Tabernacle Domino Club.

After the church service a special ‘Hon Prime Minister Dr Timothy Harris Constituency Seven Invitational’ tournament will be held at the Lodge Community Centre in Lodge Project from 2:00 pm. It will feature six visiting teams, New Town, St. Pauls, Taylor’s, New Comers, Fig Tree/Sandy Point, and Newton Ground.

The visiting teams will come up against six special teams made up of players from the fourteen teams taking part in the 25th anniversary of the Constituency Number Seven Dr the Hon Timothy Harris Domino League. According to the league’s Executive Committee, the first 36 players from Constituency Number Seven league will form the six teams, and a captain named for each of the teams.

To identify the six teams facing the visitors, each team will take the name of the captain.

The first round will be on a knock-out basis, and the six winning teams will move on to the second round which will also be on a knock-out basis. Third round or semi-final will be on a round robin basis involving the three winning teams from the quarter finals, and the finals will feature the top two teams from the semi-final round robin.

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