80 businesses registered by Monday for 7% VAT Day

BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, DECEMBER 20TH 2011 (CUOPM) – Eighty businesses in the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis had registered by Monday to participate in the 7% VAT Day on Thursday 22nd December.

Sixty of the businesses are on St. Kitts and 20 are on Nevis and have been issued with approval letters for participation.

The VAT offices in Charlestown and Basseterre were open Tuesday accepting and processing requests.

The Inland Revenue Department advises that on their receipts most consumers should see (a) Businesses with a Point of Sales System – a 7% VAT Rate; (b) Businesses with Cash Registers – Due to programming constraints a discount in excess of 8.547% will be applied to the price of the good to achieve the 7% VAT Rate.

“Remember when you pick-up an item on the shelf, the price of the good would still contain the old 17%. However, when you are at the cashier, the amount you would be paying should be less than the display price. Customers are also encouraged to collect their receipts when making purchases to ensure that the correct amount is charged,” the Inland Revenue Department said. It added that officers from Inland Revenue Department are scheduled to visit registered businesses during December 22, 2011 to ensure that approved businesses are applying the 7% Special Rate.

Business Registered as at December 19, 2011 for the 7% VAT Discount

St. Kitts Bottling Company
Carib Breweries
Best Buy Supermarket
B’s Enterprises
DSS Trading Ltd – Best for Less
Fouad Abourizk
O.D. Brisbane & Sons Ltd
Island Hopper
Carrabelle Batik
West Side Service Center
Ocean Cold Storage
S L Horsford & Company Ltd
Daily Food
Rams Trading Ltd
Rams (Nevis) Ltd
S L Horsford Nevis Ltd
TDC Rentals Ltd
City Drug Store (2005) Ltd
TDC Rentals (Nevis) Ltd
City Drug Store (Nevis) Ltd
TDC Nevis Ltd
Harper’s Office Depot
F & H Frisco Ltd
Island Bakery
Victory Packaging Ltd
SAC Limited
C & C Trading Ltd
C & C Super Foods Ltd
C & C Super Foods (2005) Ltd
C & C Auto Services
Sun Pharmacy
Sun Island Clothes Ltd
Indo Carob Shop
Federal Air Condition
Peter KN Inc
Techsperts Ltd
Delisle Walwyn & Company Ltd
Mac Pennies Ltd
David Coury & Company Ltd
Lucky Department Store
Builders Paradise (St. Kitts ) Ltd
Big Sale
Island Auto Supplies
Scott Caines – Economy Car Rentals
Island Purified Water Ltd
Dollar Strecther Supermarket
Karron’s Realty & Copy Center
The Body Haven
Emmanuel Juicy Beef Ltd
Daniel Trading Ltd
Joseph Wyatt – Quick Bargain
First Class Jewelry
Old Road Mini Mart
Bass Bakery & Bargains Superette
Karibhana Trading Limited
E & K Supermarket Ltd
S. Hunkins And Sons Ltd
Pennyless Auto Parts
Swanton’s Superette
Don Fang Supermarket
R& L Fresh Produce
Price busters
Percy’s Jewelry Company Ltd
A-1 Office Technology
Simon’s Contempo
Island Tyres & Hardware
K.G.S Health and Beauty Supplies
Bargain House Retail Outlet
Super Foods Supermarket
Main Street Supermarket
A.L Eve
Maaruiti Enterprises LTD
Striker’s Car Rental Services
TDC Group of Companies in Nevis
Horsfords – Nevis
Courts – St. Kitts & Nevis Ltd

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