A call for action by Prime Minister Dr. Denzil Douglas in his Independence address

ZIZ News…Sept. 20, 2010 – Prime Minister the Hon. Dr. Denzil Douglas has made a call for action as he addressed the nation on this the 27th anniversary of the Independence of St. Kitts and Nevis.

In his address the Prime Minister reflected on the path we have trod and the current challenges we are facing, impacted by the global financial and economic crisis.

He spoke of the opportunities that are being presented, through strategic planning, with the unfolding of the construction phase of the Social Security Beacon Heights mixed development at Olivees and Dewars; the Coast to Coast Developments Project at the South East Peninsula, the expansion of the Offshore Education Services Sector at institutions like the University of Medicine and Health Sciences at West Farms and the Windsor University School of Medicine at Brightons; and diversification of these services to accommodate new investments in computer software technology and the broadband telecommunications industry.

The Prime Minister called on the nation as a whole to focus not so much on all that we think is going wrong around us but to first set our hearts right”. He continued, because it is in this quiet act of self-assessment, and in this private moment of personal commitment, replicated in thousands of homes all across this Federation that we, as a people, will find the psychic, emotional, and spiritual energy to strengthen our families, strengthen our neighbourhoods, and as a result, strengthen and uplift our nation.

The activities marking the 27th anniversary of Independence continued with one of the highlights, the ceremonial parade held at Warner Park Cricket Stadium followed by a “Toast to the Nation” held at Camp Springfield. Brief addresses were made by the Prime Minister and the Commander of the St.Kitts Nevis Defence Force while the Toast to the Nation was given by his Excellency the Governor General Dr. Sir Cuthbert Sebastian.

Other events on the program include the Governor-General’s Reception this evening and on Saturday, September 25 it’s the Independence Anniversary Brimstone Hill Run for the Fit & Fearless and conclude on Sunday, September 26 at 5:00PM with the St. Kitts Nevis Defence Force Band Recital at Brimstone Hill Fortress.

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