A Call To Support S.T.E.M Education

Basseterre, St. Kitts,  August 5th, 2020 (ZIZ News): Governor of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank Timothy Antoine says the future of the region is in digital transformation and as such institutions of higher education should look towards preparing students to excel in related fields.

Speaking at the UWI 2020 Global Giving ceremony on Saturday Mr Antoine said there is a need for the Caribbean to capitalize on the growing demand for technologically skilled individuals.

“The fields of Science, Technology, Education and Mathematics are in greatest demand. Consequently our curriculum ought to be reoriented towards these fields to establish relevance and to equip our youth,” he said. “As we pursue a new development model the academy must be in the vanguard of crafting and articulating that new model for regional development”

The Global Giving campaign is a crowdfunding venture which aims to raise funds to assist ten thousand students who have been impacted by Covid-19.

Mr Antoine called on everyone to donate to the university, not only to assist the students but to help UWI itself, develop curricula to take advantage of emerging technological fields.

“As I often say of our region, we cannot change our history, we cannot change our geography, but collectively we can change our trajectory,” he said. “Let us donate generously to UWI so we, not only emancipate and educate, but also elevate our region to meet the needs and burning aspirations of our people and our noble Caribbean civilization.”

Governor of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank Timothy Antoine.

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