A fourteen year old is the ZIZ 50th Anniversary Song Competition winner

ZIZ News…May 29 2011 – Dejour the fourteen year old singing sensation out did his fellow competitors to take the first and only ZIZ 50th Anniversary Song Competition held at Carnival Village.

On Saturday night at Warner Park DeJour took the crown with his song “Take A Ride” and walked away with a prize of three thousand dollars and the chance to make a music video of his song.

First runner up went to Tempest Records featuring Selina Powell who sang “Aspire to Achieve” while the second runner up was Phi-Webbe with her song “Don’t Judge Me”.

The show featured performances from several local artistes including Footsy, Nicha B, Infamus and Royalties Band who accompanied the contestants.

A huge crowd came out to support the participants which included the Governor General His Excellency Dr. Sir Cuthbert Sebastian, Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Sam Condor and Mrs. Condor, Minister of Information Hon. Nigel Carty and Chairman of ZIZ Broadcasting Corporation Mr. RA Peter Jenkins.

A number of sponsors gave their support to the show including Digicel who gave a Blackberry to the three top contestants as part of their prize.

The show was MC’d by DJ’s Jasmine Thomas, Kinny “Kupid” James and host of The People’s show Jason “Pinnochio” Mitchum.

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