A high level welcome ceremony for the president of the Republic Of China Taiwan, Ma Ying- Jeou

ZIZ News—19th August, 2013–A high level welcome ceremony took place yesterday for the arrival of the president of the Republic Of China Taiwan, Ma Ying- Jeou.

As president Ma Ying-Jeou disembarked the Boeing Aircraft he descended to a red carpet welcome.

Ministers of the Federal Cabinet, a delegation from the Nevis Island Assembly, the Taiwanese Mission, The Defence Force and a well outfitted security detail, media were all on the Tarmac of the RLB International to welcome Taiwanese president.

While here, President Ma visited the Agro-Tourism Demonstration Farm in Sir Gilles, that’s between Sandy Point and Newton Ground, then on to Brimstone Hill, a UNESCO branded world heritage site.

Early this morning President Ma enjoyed a light moment in an early morning jog at the silver jubilee stadium with several of our youth athletes.

President Ma’s 12-day Latin American/Caribbean tour began in Paraguay, where he attended the Inauguration of the new president there, Horacio Cartes.

Then the Caribbean leg began in Haiti, then went on to St. Lucia then St. Vincent and the Grenadines and now he’s here in St Kitts-Nevis to wrap up his diplomatic trip.

The president will return to Taiwan on August 22, 2013.

It is also important to note that St. Kitts-Nevis is one of 23 countries to recognise the self-governing island of Taiwan.

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