Accident at Whitegate

ZIZ News…27th May 2013 — Police are trying to find out exactly what led to a collision between a car and a taxi bus in Whitegate this afternoon.

And as we hear in this report, a few tourists were injured in the crash.

The accident occurred around noon and it’s left just under a dozen tourists shaken up.

According to a tourism official they were visiting on a cruise ship and were taking in the sights at Kittitian Hill when the impact happened.

Most of them said they were unhurt but three were taken to hospital, one with a cut on her forehead.

The vehicles themselves were badly damaged, bumpers and tires scattered across the road.

Police were on the scene taking measurements and statements from the drivers, Paul Bradshaw and James Woodley.

Tourism officials arrived quickly to help the visitors, and provide a new taxi.

The police have not issued an official statement as yet but investigations are ongoing.

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