ACF funds basketball group

DennisKnightAZIZ News — A helping hand for young basketballers as the Advancement of Children Foundation recently provided funding to Pemberton’s Basketball Hoops Academy/Reach One Teach One Basketball Camp.

Counsellor on the ACF board Dennis Knight spoke about why they funded the group.

“We received their application explaining their programme and asking for that financial assistance, looking at the age group, what the programme itself offered and although various opportunities, we thought that this was a worthwhile effort,” he said.

Knight also outlined what benefits this creates for the youth.

“In the first case it’s going to occupy the time of the youngsters quite constructively. Secondly being in a camp situation then you have all the benefits of a youth camp. People organizing themselves, having to report on time, going through all the various paces and so on, working with others, the discipline,” he said.

Mr Knight encouraged other organizations to come on board, to help in the development of our young people.

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