Added bonus for CNN’s St. Kitts adventure and relaxation

Looking at the Dutch island of St. Eustatius in the background

ST. KITTS, FEBRUARY 18TH 2011 (CUOPM) – Up the number of Americans who will view CNN”s “Adventure and Relaxation on St. Kitts” to 118 million.

“As an added bonus to the coverage provided by CNN Airport Network and, we have just learned that the St. Kitts episode is also airing in select gyms across the US, thereby extending the reach of the segment to an additional 18 million+ monthly viewers,” said Cathy A. Preece, VP & Accounts Supervisor of Adams Unlimited.

She informed that the segment is airing via an agreement between CNN and RMG Networks, a provider of Out-of-Home (OOH) TV content.

“RMG’s Fitness Entertainment Network delivers cable TV programming to 650 premium health clubs nationwide in the US. Programming appears on both overhead and personal viewing screens. It is the largest network delivering live cable TV to health clubs,” said Preece, adding:

The Immaculate Conception Catholic Church on East Independence Square

“Per RMG’s statistics, the Network reaches adults with an average age of 41 and average HHI of $98,282 – a good match with St. Kitts’ target demographics. Air times appear to coincide with those of CNN Airport Network (approximately 9:20am and 4:20pm from Monday to Friday this week and approximately 12:20pm Monday to Friday last week.”

“A blend of history, God-given assets, its people, small space, lush rainforest and beautiful beaches are some of the attributes of St. Kitts, says Minister of Tourism and International Transport, Sen, the Hon. Richard Skerritt St. Kitts in a feature on CNN’s Airport Network “Adventure and Relaxation on St. Kitts.”

Footage shows scenes of the South East Peninsula, Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park, Fortress, the Atlantic side of Frigate Bay, water sports at Cockleshell Bay, The Circus and Sky Safari Zip Line tour.

CNN’s Airport Network is broadcast in 46 top US airports including JFK, MIA, ATL, CLT and most feeder cities.

It is seen by over 20 million viewers per month and reaches 93% of the traveling US public, a market which is clearly predisposed to travel.

The show appears a total of 4 to 5 times over the course of the year following its initial airing. The show will also appear in the travel section of, which has online viewership in the millions therefore, total viewership is estimated at over 100 million, said Preece.

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