Address to the Nation by Dr. Hon. Timothy Harris (April 2, 2020)


Address (No 3) to the Nation


Prime Minister Dr the Hon Timothy Harris

on the State of Emergency

Thursday, April 2, 2020

My Fellow Citizens and Residents:

Today, Thursday, 2nd April 2020, I have asked His Excellency, the
Governor General, to make further Emergency Powers (COVID-19)
Regulations under the State of Emergency now existing in St. Kitts
and Nevis. These Regulations will take effect on Friday morning, the
3rd April at 6:01am, when the current Regulations enacted on
Tuesday expire.

These new (COVID-19) Regulations will be the Emergency Powers
(COVID-19) (No. 3) Regulations, SR&O No. 10 of 2020, and will run
until Thursday, 9th April at 7:00pm when the Cabinet of Ministers will
determine any new action to be taken. This will be based on, and
informed by, the advice of the Chief Medical Officer, the Medical
Chief of Staff of the JNF General Hospital, other Health Professional
Experts, the leadership of the National Emergency Operations Centre
(NEOC) and the Security Forces.

On Friday, the Shelter in Place Regulations will remain in force. This
means that, as we continue to use every effort to prevent the spread
of the novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, every person – I repeat, every
person – shall remain confined to their place of residence, inclusive
of their yard space, to avoid contact outside of their family. You
should stay at home except in special circumstances. Let me repeat
– you should stay at home except in special circumstances.

We realize that some people will be without food and necessary
medicine and medical supplies, and on Friday and on the next day,
Saturday, between the hours of 6:00am to 7:00pm, a limited or
restricted curfew will allow persons to go to supermarkets and
pharmacies, to restock on the necessities of life. If you need to buy
food or medicine, we encourage that only one member of a
household leave the residence to do so; that you prepare a list of
your food items and avoid unnecessary shopping and frequent visits
to the supermarkets. As has been reported in a prior broadcast, there
is adequate food available at this time and for the foreseeable

Those of you who live in rural areas are further encouraged to
purchase your food items in your local community shops and
therefore lessen any congestion that could take place if you were to
travel to the city centre. I urge those of you who must leave your
homes to do your tasks and return to your homes in the quickest
time possible.

If you do have to go out, the Regulations require you to, and you
must, practice social or physical distancing. You should maintain a
physical distance of at least six feet (6 ft.) in or outside of any
business place that you must visit. Everyone is encouraged to wear a
face mask, which covers their nose and mouth.
A curfew remains in place from 7:00pm Friday night to 6:00am
Saturday morning.

On Saturday night, at 7:00pm, a full 24-hour curfew, a total
lockdown, is reintroduced until Wednesday morning at 6:00am. This
means a full 24-hour lockdown on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday,
continuing until Wednesday (8th April) at 6:00am. The Security
Personnel reported that this has been effective, as there has been
little or no breach of the current Curfew Order. Where this has
occurred, the offenders have been arrested and will be charged and
prosecuted. Irresponsible behaviour will not be tolerated.

On Wednesday (8th April) and Thursday (9th April) next week, the
Regulations will allow persons to leave their homes once more on a
limited basis – I repeat, on a limited basis – to purchase any food
and medicine between the hours of 6:00am and 7:00pm, while a
curfew will be in place for Wednesday night from 7:00pm to 6:00am
Thursday morning.

These Regulations are necessary to slow the transmission of the
virus from one person to another, including reducing secondary
infections among close contacts and health care workers. As we
interrupt human-to-human transmission, we can be more effective in
identifying, isolating and caring for patients. The sooner treatment
can start, the better for all of us.

During this period, allowance is made for the Security Forces and
other Security Personnel, Health Care Officers, technical emergency
officers of utilities including telecoms, and media personnel, to be
out of their residences solely to provide essential services. On those
days when there is a limited or restricted movement for businesses
and their employees to provide essential services at supermarkets
and pharmacies, businesses should request permission from the
Commissioner of Police for those employees designated by them to
work. They should be given an ID and produce it, if called upon to do
so by the Security Forces to secure their travel to and from work.

My Fellow Citizens and Residents, these are not normal times.
Indeed, we are living in turbulent times. The situation changes from
day to day and our Emergency Powers (COVID-19) Regulations will be
kept under constant review, and those changes that are seen to be
desirable will be made from time to time.

We must all act responsibly, not just for ourselves but for the wider
community. We must show greater respect and love for each other.
We are fighting for the good of our communities and for our Country
and we must not waver.

May God continue to Bless All our people and Bless the Federation of
St. Kitts and Nevis. I thank you.

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