Adjusting to Life at the New Basseterre High School

(ZIZ News) – It’s been a few days since the official opening of the new temporary site of Basseterre High School and Principal Ron Collins says the staff and students have been settling in well.

He declared having most of the students on one compound is bringing back a sense of normalcy.

He said “It has answered a lot of spacing issues for especially the idea of management and coordination for the school,” adding that “the exodus of the school from off-site areas is now complete, so we are here…our fifth-formers are just across the road, just a few steps from us. So, for us it is it is actually getting back to full normalcy.”

He noted that the new buildings also allow them to start a Student Support Centre.

“So the Guidance Counsellors are there, the nurse is there, and other students’ services operate from there so our Junior Savings Coop will operate from that area as we continue to improve the service that we provide to our students,” he said.

Collins said with the students now in one area, they plan to restart several activities such as the prefect system, Debating Society, and the Teen Challenge Club.

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