Al Jazeera Condemns Raid On Its Office By Tunisian Forces

Doha, Qatar – The Al Jazeera Media Network has condemned the storming of its office in the capital Tunis by security forces a day after President Kais Saied suspended Parliament and dismissed the prime minister.

Tunisian security forces raided Al Jazeera Media Network’s office in Tunis and expelled all journalists. At least 10 security personnel barged into the office without warrants, confiscated keys to the office and did not allow journalists back into the building to retrieve their personal belongings.

The security personnel did not explain why the office had been raided, merely saying they were following orders.

Al Jazeera considers this action by the Tunisian authorities as a troubling escalation and fears it will impede fair and objective coverage of unfolding events in the country. Al Jazeera calls on the Tunisian authorities to allow its journalists to operate unhindered and be allowed to practice their profession without fear or intimidation.

The Network values the solidarity of human rights and media organisations for their condemnation of these actions against Al Jazeera’s bureau in Tunisia.

In a world in which the media and journalists face increasing threats, Al Jazeera views this as an attack on press freedom as a whole.

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