All six RSS member countries in Dominica – RSS official

Roseau, Dominica, December 5, 2019 (Dominica News Online): An official at the Regional Security Services (RSS) Headquarters in Barbados, Colonel Ford has informed Dominica News Online (DNO) that all six RSS member countries have, at the request of the Dominican authorities, dispatched law enforcement personnel to Dominica.

The Attorney General and Minister responsible for Public Safety in Antigua and Barbuda, Steadroy Benjamin, has confirmed that he received a request from the President of Dominica Charles Savarin for a contingent of security personnel to be dispatched to this country.

The Government of the twin-island state – like other OECS Governments that are RSS Treaty Members – has honoured the request and dispatched 18 personnel [10 policemen and 8 soldiers].

Cabinet Spokesperson, Dean Jonas told a press briefing this morning that the hope is that these officers can help assist with keeping tomorrow’s (Friday) general election free from fear and free and fair.

We are just trying to ensure that we don’t have chaos in Dominica because that would affect us all especially Antigua and Barbuda. We are only sending 18 and other countries have sent more,” he said.

Matthew said the government of Antigua believe that residents should go out to vote without being or feeling afraid.

“We have to be our brother’s keeper,” he added.

There have also been media reports confirming that RSS personnel from St. Lucia had been dispatched to st. Lucia.

We asked Colonel Ford about the total number of troops that would be coming to Dominica from the RSS; he said he was unable to provide that information.

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