Ambassador Kevin Williams Responds Promptly To Saddlers Primary School’s Request

BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, November 17, 2020 (MMS-SKN) — Team Unity’s Caretaker for St. Christopher Six, Ambassador Kevin ‘Ninky’ Williams, has been applauded for promptly responding to a request made to him by the leadership of one of the schools in the constituency, the Saddlers Primary School.


Coming out of a request that had been made to him by the school on Thursday November 12, Ambassador His Excellency Kevin ‘Ninky’ Williams visited the school on Monday November 16, carrying with him two weed-eaters, two machetes, and two rakes which he handed over to the school’s Head Teacher, Mrs Kira Mason-Rawlins.


“I really appreciated his generosity and thoughtfulness, honestly, and I really like the way how he answered promptly,” said Mrs Mason-Rawlins. “Normally persons in those positions they would stay a little while before you get actually what you really want. He really responded promptly and I must applaud him for that.”


The Head Teacher had observed that due to the current rains being observed in the country, different areas on the school compound are overgrown as the crews from the Parks and Beaches Unit of the Ministry of Health who maintain the grounds come once or twice in a school term.


“I have some groundsmen so I wanted some tools so that they can maintain the landscape at Saddlers Primary School,” said the Head Teacher. “These groundsmen are STEP workers, employed by STEP, but they do not have the tools to work with.”


For the sake of the 101 students and the eight teachers at the school, Mrs Mason-Rawlins wrote to some corporate citizens requesting for a donation of work tools to enable the groundsmen to keep the school environment conducive for habitation by the teachers and pupils. She however did not get any response and decided to approach Ambassador Williams, and was given his contact by a friend and she contacted him on Thursday November 12.


“I thought of Mr Williams and I said okay, let me see if I could try him,” observed the Head Teacher. “I tried him and he responded promptly – same day. I expressed to him that I really need the grounds to be maintained because I recognise that we have an unsightly area down by the PE area and then around when you come to the front you have some overgrown areas there.”


She added: “I wanted to keep the grounds properly maintained so I asked him for a weed-eater, some rakes and machetes for the guys to work with, because I do not like the fact that sometimes they come to work and they do not have their tools and they are just sitting down maybe picking up the litter from the ground – just little things they would do. But once they get these tools they would now help to maintain the area and enhance the school surroundings.”


After being contacted, Ambassador Kevin ‘Ninky’ Williams swung into action immediately and on Friday November 13 went to Business Paradise (St. Kitts) Limited in the CA Paul Southwell Industrial Park where he talked to the Chief Executive Officer, Mr Joseph Eddie Hendrickson, who partnered with him in the procurement of the two weed-eaters, two machetes and two rakes to be presented to the Saddlers Primary School.


“Teachers at the primary school level are doing a fantastic job in shaping this country’s future leaders, and every support they need to carry out their duties should be accorded to them,” observed Ambassador Williams, who was accompanied to the school by his secretary Ms Iysanna Belle.


The Ambassador added: “Pupils at the Saddlers Primary School, like all the students in the country need to spend quality time in a clean environment and it was my joy and pride to provide the school with the tools that will make that possible.”


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