Amory calls for Nevisians to look forward to 2015 with Great Expectations

VanceAmory-7(ZIZ News) — “May we look forward to the New Year with great expectation and great hope”, that was the holiday message of Nevis’ Premier, the Hon. Vance Amory.

Mr. Amory, who represents Nevis 10, reminded listeners of the need to be peaceful in dealing with others.

“Christmas is a season of peace and goodwill, a season of hope and joy. I trust that you will join me in praying for peace to prevail throughout our nation and for all of us to be driven by a spirit of goodwill towards each other as we work harmoniously for the common good of our nation,” he said.

Amory also called on Nevisians to remember and administer care to persons who may not be physically, mentally or emotionally well this season.

“In this season of generosity, let us reach out to those who are in need. In this season of reflection, let us reflect on our challenges and achievements throughout the year. In this season of perpetual hope, let us pray that peace and prosperity will reign supreme in our nation. Let us turn our thoughts to those who are unable to spend Christmas with their families. We should also think of those who lie injured and are victims of unacceptable acts of violence and crime,” Amory said.

He also asked that the country’s senior citizens, children and the infirmed be remembered during the holiday season.

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