Amory meets with Bank Officials

ZIZ News — Nevis’ Premier and Finance Minister, the Honourable Vance Amory, Monday, described a recent meeting with representatives of the St. Kitts- Nevis- Anguilla National Bank as fruitful, adding that “positive strides were made in mitigating the re-occurrence of such an event and the advancing of a clearly established path for the future relationship with the NIA and the Bank.”

Premier Amory’s comment came when he sought to update the general public on the much talked about delayed payment of civil servants attached to the Nevis Island Administration [NIA].

Premier Amory is quoted as saying, “since coming to office, I have endeavoured to ensure the improvement in the finances of the administration, so as to reduce the stress on the administration, brought about by the rapid increases in the overdraft facility over the past several years.”

Last week, Nevis’ former Premier, the Honourable Joseph Parry, criticised Amory’s leadership as a Finance Minister.

Parry then compared Nevis’ economy to that of sister island St. Kitts and said the level of development was completely different.

In today’s statement, Premier Amory said he had “implemented prudent policies aimed at restoring sustainable economic growth for the benefit of the people of Nevis.”

“I recognize the role of my administration in ensuring that our obligations are met in a timely manner, especially our obligation to civil servants and other public sector workers. I have reiterated this to the bank and expressed my dissatisfaction in the unfortunate occurrence of civil servants not being paid,” Amory said.

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