Andrews Memorial in Jamaica Responds To Controversy Surrounding Woman Who Died After Giving Birth

Kingston, Jamaica, April 26, 2020 (Jamaica Gleaner): Andrew’s Memorial Hospital has responded to the ongoing controversy concerning a woman in labour who had flu-like symptoms, and was reportedly denied services by more than one hospital.

The woman, who has been identified as Jodian Fearon, died subsequently after giving birth.

She also tested negative for COVID-19.

While expressing its condolences to the family and without naming Fearon, Andrews Memorial acknowledged that the woman was admitted to its maternity ward on Thursday for delivery.

It said she then began to show symptoms of COVID-19, which included a cough, fever and shortness of breath.

The hospital said it raised concerns about the safety of the patient and her baby, as the hospital did not have a functioning Intensive Care Unit. It said it was also concerned about the safety of the other patients on the ward and their babies, as the hospital does not have facilities to isolate patients.

Andrews, despite its concern, it subsequently cleared the maternity unit of all its other patients to ensure her safety. It claims it contacted The University of the West Indies and Victoria Jubilee Hospital to have her transferred, but both hospitals refused.

Following the refusal from both hospitals, the hospital said a plan was put in place by the her physician to manage her delivery, and on Friday morning, her physician recommended an urgent C-section to deliver the baby. The hospital said other surgeries were postponed to facilitate the patient, but her doctor’s team of anaesthesiologists refused to participate.

It said, as a result, the UHWI and the Victoria Jubilee Hospital were again contacted, but they again refused to accept the patient. Andrews said it was eventually able to secure a transfer to the Spanish Town Hospital, where the baby was delivered with support from the National Emergency Operation Centre. Andrews said it understands that after the delivery, the patient was transferred to the UHWI, where she died.

“In it’s many years of operation, AMH (Andrews Memorial Hospital) has always ensured the highest quality of treatment for patients with the resources available,” the hospital’s statement read.

Via Jamaica Gleaner
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