Another firearm taken off the streets

Kenville Finch
.25 titan firearm and ammunition found on the person of Kenville Finch

ZIZ News…June 27 2012 — On 23rd June 2012 during joint operations at about 5:00am a group of young boys were searched for controlled drugs in the vicinity of the Ponds Pasture play field.

Kenville Finch of Ponds Pasture was searched and was found to be in possession of a .25 titan firearm with seven rounds of ammunition. The firearm and ammunition were taken into police custody and Kenville Finch was arrested and formally charged on the 25th June 2012.

These joint operations that are being executed are strategies employed to ensure the safety and security for all in the Federation and do reflect the coordinated efforts of all law enforcement officials of the need to ensure that our streets are returned.

As we continue to unite in our efforts to pursue strategies geared towards the removal of firearms, ammunition and controlled drugs off of the streets we urge the general public to assist the joint forces St. Kitts and Nevis in keeping our streets safe.

Please contact the police station nearest or call 707 (Police Anonymous Hotline). Together we as law enforcement officials and the general public can work as one to decrease criminal activities thus ensuring a safer environment for all.

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