Another judge to join Antigua circuit

ST JOHN’S, Antigua- Within another month or so, retired Justice of Appeal Albert Redhead will be joining the bench in Antigua to help reduce the backlog of criminal High Court cases.

The Grenadian-born, who left the appellate court in 2004, is expected to assume the post in Antigua from March.

During a career spanning nearly four decades, Justice Redhead served in several countries of the sub-region.

Up to about a year ago, he was acting as High Court judge for Nevis and Montserrat.

For decades, only one judge served in a given criminal assizes here.

This, and other issues created a backlog of cases and often resulted in accused persons being forced to spend three to four years on remand awaiting trial.

Justice Redhead will join Justice Keith Thom, who was the lone judge presiding over criminal cases for the past two years.

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