Anti-bullying messages taken to the schools by Operation Future

ZIZ News…June 15 2012 — Operation Future recognizes that bullying is an issue in the schools of the Federation, this is an issue that is increasing in severity in other countries where schools shootings and suicides are being associated to the issue of bullying. In a proactive attempt to prevent the problem of bullying from escalating in the Federation Operation Future designed a anti-bullying presentation and has been busy making the presentation in the schools of the Federation.

Recently, in an attempt to insure the anti-bullying message is always visible in the schools Operation Future created a series of four anti-bullying posters and began this week distributing a full set of posters to each school in the Federation. By week’s end all the schools will have a set for display.

In addition, Operation Future has established a specific e-mail address, students who know of or are victims of bullying can forward an e-mail to this address it is received by members of Operation Future who will intervene to assist in addressing the issue. This allows children to register a complaint anonymously ensuring that by reporting they are not further targeted by bullies.

Operation Future would like to thank the Four Seasons Home Owners Association for their donation of a large laser printer and laminating machine making our ability to produce posters possible.

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