Anti-Narcotics Unit carries out search operations

Hassan Warner

ZIZ News April 19, 2011 – The Police are taking a zero tolerance approach to all levels of crime and violence in St. Kitts and Nevis. To this end they have stepped up their stop and search operations.

On Monday evening, 18th April 2011 members of the Anti-Narcotics Unit conducted a number of stop and search and vehicular check point operations in the Basseterre and Conaree area, a significant number of vehicles were stopped and searched, traffic tickets were issued and two persons were formally arrested and charged without warrants for possession of cannabis the said evening. The persons charged are 21 year-old Yanick Fyfield and 20 year-old Hassan Warner both of Ponds Estate.

According to Sergeant Travis Rogers, the Head of the Anti-Narcotics Unit, “they are taking a more vigorous and proactive approach towards the interdiction and eradication of illegal drugs and firearms. Our all inclusive strategy will touch on every aspect of policing which includes traffic offences as well. We must fight the scourge of crime on all fronts if we are to make a meaningful impact. I must also highlight that we will continue to adopt our zero tolerance approach on illegal drugs and firearms”

In a press release issued on Tuesday, the police is craving the full support of the general public while they carry out these operations as it will cause traffic congestions and delays as a result of searches. However, according to the release, every effort would be made to minimize these inconveniences.

Also on Monday evening 18th April 2011 police officers at Basseterre formally arrested and charged a young man without a warrant for possession of cannabis. The person charged is 22 year-old Keithroy “Pie Pie” Duncan of Shadwell

Investigations into these matters are still ongoing.

Yanick Fyfield

Keithroy Duncan

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