Antiguan woman appointed manager of new adult industry complaints forum

RayHuggins-1Bridgetown, Barbados — An Antiguan woman, Ray Huggins, has been appointed manager of a new international Complaints Forum for the adult industry, launched by Global Adult Industry Association (GAIA).

GAIA is a worldwide association that brings together all types of adult entertainment organisations, professionals and subscribers in every country under one international umbrella to collectively address their needs, concerns, interests and rights, from a local and global perspective.

The association is also a global platform for social and business networking for the industry.

Huggins said, “Our complaints forum is a very creative and effective strategy which speaks directly to the core objectives of GAIA. It helps the association and its members to find out many of the problems and issues that exist within the adult industry worldwide.”

The complaints forum encourages and enables adult organisations, professionals and subscribers worldwide to submit complaints in the following categories:

• Complaints against individuals in the adult industry (professionals, subscribers, clients, etc)

• Complaints against organisations in the adult industry (sex toy manufacturers, clubs, agencies, directories, video production companies etc)

• Complaints against government authorities (police, immigration, health clinics etc)

The forum also notifies subscribers immediately of any complaints made against them and allows them to respond in order to resolve the issue.

“There is no cost to submit, view or respond to complaints in our forum. Therefore we expect thousands of submissions and views each week as there are millions of potential subscribers for this forum, from the adult industry worldwide,” Huggins said.

This complaints forum is also an effective business tool that provides subscribers with instant notification of any negative feedback to their businesses, products or services.

When asked about GAIA’s concerns about the authenticity and integrity of the forum being challenged by the potential for abuse by subscribers, Huggins replied, “We are forming a complaints committee whose main role is to screen and filter complaints. Abuse of the system will not be tolerated and complaints who do so will be warned and then deleted from the system if need be. The committee will also provide advice and assistance to complainants to take necessary action.”

GAIA is also recruiting a global network of lawyers who will be available to assist subscribers who wish to take legal action.

In response the question why would a professional woman from a conservative Caribbean community, who has never had any affiliation with the adult industry want to join the GAIA team, Huggins said, “Firstly, as an ambitious woman in this supposed man’s world, I can empathize and identify with women in the sex industry who are marginalized by society. GAIA is also a legitimate initiative.

“In spite of society’s legal, religious and moral views, adult entertainment has become an industry in every country and there are many real issues which need to be addressed.

“As a visionary entrepreneur for many years in the Caribbean and international market, I am not easily impressed by business ideas. GAIA ticked all the boxes for me and I was impressed right away with its objectives, vision and values. This project also has considerable viability and sustainability on a global scale.”

“I am happy to be part of the GAIA team particularly at the launch stage, and I eagerly look forward to play a substantive role in its development and success.”

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