Antioch Baptist Church hosts Senior Saints Sunday

The Antioch Baptist Church joined in the recognition of older persons with a service dubbed “Senior Saints Sunday”.

The first Senior Saints Sunday was well attended as older persons from across the federation worshipped at the Antioch Baptist Church on Sunday.

Pastor at the church, Lincoln Connor, said seniors have played an important role in building the country and more has to be done to show appreciation.

He said it is important to celebrate the achievements of older persons.

“What an exciting and enthusiastic Senior Saints Sunday it was. We were able to minister to seniors from the length and breadth of our country and as you realise they were quite enthused and involved. Senior Saints Sunday is a concept that we at the Antioch Baptist Church are seeking to institute to celebrate—and I say celebrate because our seniors have accomplished that milestone in their lives, it is exciting and it is something to celebrate, Pastor Connor noted.

Deputy Director at the Department of Social Services Ann Wigley who is an advocate for older persons, encouraged the gathering to stand against ageism.

She said, “Those of you who have not taken a stand against ageism, take a stand today. Take a stand against ageism. That means we must look after our seniors. We must respect them, no matter who they are or how they look; we must take a stand because we might not or may not reach where they are.”

Older persons over sixty five, as well as, caretakers and residents of The Grange who attended the service were presented with care packages.

It was revealed by Pastor Connor that the Antioch Baptist Church intends to recognise older persons annually with the hosting of Senior Saints Sunday.

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