Aquatic sports meet draws a huge crowd

ZIZ News…April 10 2012 — Hundreds of spectators and participants came out on Easter Monday for the 54th annual Basil Henderson Aquatic Sports meet.

The annual meet, which took place at the Basseterre Ferry Terminal, featured a number of events ranging from boxing to swimming.

However, participants gravitated mostly to the more popular events such as the climbing of the greased pole for the money bag and the ham.

In an earlier interview with Co-ordinator of the meet, Winston Zack Nisbett, he said those events have grown to become the most popular attractions at the meet.

Other activities included kayaking and swimming disciplines such as the backstroke and the butterfly.

The meet attracted spectators and participants of all age groups; from primary school level to senior citizens.

According to Nisbett, there were several events that were designed particularly for young people including the youth boxing exhibition.

Nisbett says this was an avenue where youths can channel their energy instead of picking up knives and guns.

Other fun-filled activities were the eating of a bun from a string and the newly added arm wrestling.

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