Arguably the Best Footballer from our Federation

Keith Kayamba Gumbs

Hail the King of Indonesia. Our very own Keith Kayamba Gumbs has lead his team as Captain, the Sriwijaya FC, from Palembang, South Sumatera, Indonesia to the just concluded (August 1st, 2010) Piala Indonesia Cup, by beating Indonesia Super League Winners Arema and he was voted Best Player in Indonesia 2010.

His achievements for this year includes:

• Winning the said Piala Indonesia Cup for the 3rd consecutive year running.
• Best Player in Indonesia 2010
• 6 goals in Piala Indonesia Cup
• 14 goals in the Indonesia Super League
• 5 goals in the Asian Federation Cup (AFC Cup)

The Football King of Asia continues to represent our Federation with prides. “Let us all say, “selamat berhasil (congratulations) to Keith Gumbs”, a role-model, a good guy, a family man and a Kittitian.

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