Asian Punjabi Folk Dance Club to perform in St. Kitts this weekend

(ZIZ News) — The Indian Council of Cultural Relations has organized a concert featuring Asian Punjabi Folkdance Group later this weekend.

ZIZ spoke with Dr. Bikram Saroya, A Professor at Windsor University who gave some brief background information about the group.

“This is a dance club which is empanelled by the Indian Council of Cultural Relations and they would be performing a dance as well as songs which depict the lifestyle, the culture, the society of Northern India, specifically Punjab. This dance club has performed all over the world over the last 25 years in Europe, New Zealand, the Middle East and finally they’re making their way down to the Caribbean so we are privileged to have them over here”, he said.

Dr. Saroya then went on to explain the aim of the event.

“The main aim is to preserve, safeguard and spread the culture and society and lifestyle and the heritage of Punjab; Punjab being the most prominent state in Northern India. We will be having around 9 dance performances which includes different types of dances”, Dr. Saroya added.

He then used the opportunity to invite the public and thanked all contributors for their support.

“I would like to take this opportunity to extend a warm invitation to all the viewers and I would also like to thank the Indian High Commission, our host Mr. Ramesh Mulkanoor of Windsor University, Tiranga Restaurant and Sun Island for making this event possible”, he added.

The Punjabi Folk Dance Club is expected to perform various dances and cultural depictions including Bhangra -a celebratory folk dance representing the coming of spring, Jhumar, which is a living demonstration of happiness, and Luddi – a dance performed to celebrate victory.

The Asian Punjabi Folk Dance Club is scheduled to perform in The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank Auditorium on Friday at 6 pm.

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