Auditor General says JDF not living within its means

Kingston, Jamaica — The Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) is owing its suppliers over $634 million since June, 2014, Auditor General Pamela Monroe Ellis reported to the House of Representatives, yesterday.

“Of this amount, approximately $507 million was outstanding for over 90 days, in breach of section 49 (1) of the Financial Management Regulations 2011, which requires accounting officers to settle payments by their departments for all goods and services received within a period of 30 days,” Monroe Ellis said in her latest audit report on government ministries, departments and agencies.

She said that prolonged delays in clearing the outstanding bills may increase the risk of suppliers refusing to conduct further business with the JDF, resulting in fewer options for procuring goods and services.

She added that the JDF’s “commitment control process” was not achieving its objective of ensuring that all expenditure is supported by available funds.

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