Australia children and father drown in car driven into bay

(BBC) A father and his two children have drowned after their car was driven off the end of a wharf in Australia.

Police were called to Brennen Wharf in South Australia’s Port Lincoln after witnesses saw the white Ford drive into the water early on Monday.

The act “appeared deliberate” and the car quickly sank in 30m (nearly 100ft) of water, police said.

Divers later recovered the bodies. They also found a rifle with a telescopic sight, local media said.

“It’s obviously a tragedy for the community,” said Port Lincoln Mayor Bruce Green, according to the newspaper.

Speaking at a press conference on Monday afternoon, Detective Superintendent Paul Yeomans confirmed that the three were from a Port Lincoln family.

“We are not treating it as an accident,” he said.

The car is reported to have been driven at very high speed before hitting the water.

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