Authors visit St. Kitts on Caribbean Book Tour

[ZIZ]–Two authors are bringing a message of teamwork and unity with their new book “Everybody Paddles”.

Ted Hanley and Charles A. Archer are on a Caribbean tour promoting the book which looks at what it takes for a business to grow and succeed.

Archer said everyone may not realize that teamwork is essential.

“In every situation….if it’s personal, family, community, and especially at work…It really takes everybody doing their part.  Everybody paddles at the same time in the same direction towards the same goal whatever that company goal is it’s gonna require everyone to do their part,” he said.

This is the second book the two authors have worked on together. Ted Hanley said the feedback they’ve received so far has been encouraging.

“More and more people are coming in and we’re getting more people to join us along this journey.  It’s been very, very good in terms of the way people receive the books,” he said.

The authors hosted a promotional event at Serendipity on Tuesday night.  From here they will be promoting their book in Barbados and New York.

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