Baby in Trinidad fights for life after being shot

CrimeSceneAPort of Spain, Trinidad — Up to press time yesterday, an 18-month-old baby boy was fighting for his life at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex in Mt Hope after he was shot in the back of his head by unknown assailants yesterday afternoon.

According to police reports, about 4:30 pm yesterday, Lichel Francois, 29, was holding her 18-month-old son, Imani George, in her arms as they were seated in a taxi parked on the corner of Prince and Nelson Streets, Port of Spain, when several loud explosions rang out.

Francois felt an intense burning sensation in her left hand, however, she also observed her son was bleeding from an injury to his head.

Fearful for her child’s life, the Emergency Health Services (EHS) were imme¬diately contacted and the two were rushed to the Port of Spain General Hospital.

Francois was immediately treated and discharged, however, baby Imani was transferred to Mt Hope for further treatment.

Up to press time, he was said to be in a critical condition, undergoing emergency surgery to save his life.

The Express was told by police they had received information a vehicle occu¬pied by five men was proceeding east along Prince Street when, without warning, the occupants of the car were seen with guns, firing at persons who were along the roadway.

Investigations are continuing.

In an unrelated incident, on Monday night, a 32-year-old Penal woman was shot when the vehicle in which she was travelling stopped on the Beetham highway.

Murlesha Mazid, of San Francique, is warded at the Port of Spain General Hospital.

According to a police report, Mazid was a passenger in a vehicle driven by Rajpath Balgobin, of Clarke Road, Penal, heading east along the Beetham Highway.

Police said around 8:00 pm, Balgobin stopped on the shoulder of the highway because of an emergency. Several loud explosions were heard.

Balgobin sped off and moments later, Mazid said she felt a burning sensation on her left arm.

Balgobin drove to the hospital where she was treated for gunshot wounds. Bul¬let holes were also found in the vehicle.

A report was made at the Besson Street Police Station.

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