Basil Challenger Cup Interestingly Poised

Sports Page—Thursday 18th July 2013–The Basil Challenger cup is in a minor quandary. The game scheduled for Wednesday 17th between Stoney Grove and Hard times was not played due to a no show by the Hard Times men. The reason for that team’s absence was not available up to press time. However, it is a known fact that Stoney Grove needed to play that game and win by a wide margin in order to have a chance to advance in the tournament.

It is understood that there is some discussion about a possible rescheduling of the game.

On Tuesday 16th July CCC Bath United one maintained a lead in the tournament when they defeated Segment Boys in an intense match. The final score line was CCC Bath United 3 goals to Segment Boys 2.

Scoring for CCC Bath United were Dale Farrell 2 and Shaheed Tyson 1. For the Segment Boys, Akeem Taylor and Kevin Charles were the goal scorers.

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