Basketball Results For Tuesday 18 May, 2021

Two games were played on Tuesday in the SKNABA National Bank Senior League, in the first game Up Phrunt Ballers defeated Newton Ground Blazers 109 to 79 for Up Phrunt Justin Bart 34 points,9 rebounds,7 steals,5 assists, Kraig Brooks with a triple-double 28 points,19 rebounds,11 steals,9 assists,2 blocks, Jamal Bart 14 points,11 rebounds,4 assists,3 steals,2 blocks, Zendai Richards 12 points,15 rebounds, 9 assists,2 steals,2 blocks for Blazers Kareem Gerald 20 points,14 rebounds,2 assists,2 blocks, James Eddy 18 points,15 rebounds,2 assists,2 blocks, Geron Elliott 13 points,6 rebounds,7 assists,4 steals.
In the second game ASC Wolf Pack defeated Cayon Lions 87 to 63 for Wolf Pack Calbert Dore 36 points,7 rebounds,7 assists, Laquandre Lowrie 12 points,4 rebounds,6 assists,4 steals, Brandon Govia 10 points,3 rebounds,3 assists,5 steals, for Cayon, Leon Charles 14 points,12 rebounds,2 steals, Rai Smithen 14 points,5 steals.
The League continues on Thursday with two games at 6:30 defending champs Inner City Conquerors will take on Youth And Sports Eagles then at 8:30 Pharmcare Bird Rock Uprisers versus Ghetto Roots.
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