Basketball Update On The S League-Sunday 16th May

The SKNABA league continued on Sunday 16th May, with two games.

In game one, Atiba Harris St. Peter’s Runnerz defeated Ghetto Roots, 101 to 73


Raniq Nicholls 28 points, 14 rebounds

Leroy Wilkinson 23 points, 16 rebounds

Ozani Purcell 19 points, 8 rebounds


Yannik Roberts 33 points, 7 rebounds

Scott Tyson 15 points, 9 rebounds

In the second game, E and K Minimart Falcons defeated Fire and Rescue Fire Storm 113 to 68.


Chavez Belboda 37 points, 7 rebounds

Lestin Wiltshire 25 points, 10 rebounds

Graeme Browne 12 points, 11 rebounds


Simba Hanley 31 points, 14 rebounds

Leroy Martin 10 points, 4 rebounds

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