Basseterre Public Market Roof Repairs Underway

Urgent roof repairs are currently underway at the Basseterre Public Market.

In a brief interview on Thursday August 26, Project Manager at Evelyn’s Roofing and Building Protection Services, Anthony Evelyn told the Ministry of Agriculture’s Media and Communication Unit that the south section of the roof was this week’s focus.

The contractor also explained that during a thorough inspection of the structure, evidence of extreme corrosion became clear. He said that rigorous repairs will be done on the skylights in the roof while the metal purlins in the main building will be “replaced with timber to avoid rusting”.

“We are almost completing the south section of the roof. We are closing the area and setting it up because when the rain falls and the wind is blowing from the south, the tenants have to move because they will get wet and we are taking care of that at this point in time”, Evelyn expressed.

Mr. Evelyn said that this project will not only help to solve the reoccurring leaks but will also help to prevent flooding at the facility.

The ongoing work is in keeping with the government’s commitment to ensure the safety and comfort of the meat, fruit and vegetable vendors who ply their trade at the Public Market.

The Basseterre Public Market Roof Repair project is expected to be completed over a two-week period.

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