Bay Road Accident Leaves Four Hospitalized

Driver and passenger still in car
Vendor who was struck by car

ZIZ News…March 17th 2012 — An early morning vehicular accident has left four people nursing injuries at the general hospital.

Sergeant Calvin Amory of the Traffic Department told ZIZ News that at 8:10 this morning, motorcar P4345 owned and driven by Clarence Bridgewater was driving along the bay road heading east when he lost control of his vehicle near the public market.

Sergeant Amory reported that the vehicle swerved to the other side of the road and collided with two female vendors who were at the time selling on the sea-side of the road.

The vehicle ended up in a pool of water beneath the bridge.

Civilians on the scene attempted to assist the injured before the fire truck and emergency units arrived on scene.

The two females who were hit by the car along with the driver and passenger of the vehicle were taken to the hospital.

Sergeant Amory stated that one of females who were hit suffered a broken leg.

He also stated that investigations into this accident are ongoing.

Officer and civilians helping driver Car submerged in water
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