Beach Allen Primary School Awareness Week

(Beach Allen Primary School) The month of October has been designated as the awareness month by the various support groups and institutions. The many health and social issues in our society formed the basis of this week, hence the Beach Allen Primary School Week – Health and Social Awareness Week, 21 – 25th October 2013. Child Abuse, Breast Cancer, Disability, Older Persons, and Financial Literacy were the main highlights.

On Monday the students were sensitized to these concepts during the morning assemblies. Tag Day was on Tuesday. The sale of these tags will continue for the remaining days. The monies raised will go to the charity fund of the support groups.

On Wednesday, the students were treated to a special presentation by one of the older persons, Mrs Quinlan share the importance of caring for the elderly and then gave them some advice on appreciation for what they now have with regards to their education and standard of living. She was able to hold the students attention when she recounted on some of the methods used in learning back then when as a student she had to sing her multiplication tables and count. The students were able to join her in singing these songs.

On Thursday, the Windsor University of Medicine collaborated yet again when it offered some of its med-students to share with the Grades 3 – 6 students. This was done during the morning’s class assembly.

The med-students shared on the topics of Hypertension and Diabetes -the Silent Killers with the Grade 3 and 4 while the Grades 5 and 6 heard about Breast Cancer. The sessions were very interactive and even the teachers were enthused.

Two (2) members from Financial Literacy Institutions simultaneously shared on money matters with the Kindergarten and Grade One (1) during Thursday morning assemblies.

The activities planned for Thursday 24 October were a tremendous success.

Today, Friday 25th, brings down the curtain with the students for mufti will wear something pink. Last year the idea to form the pink ribbon was done. It is our hope to do that during the P.M session.

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