Beach Allen Primary School observes Literacy Week

(ZIZ NEWS) — This week the Beach Allen Primary School is observing Literacy Week 2016.

The annual week of activities began on Monday with a general assembly held at the school.

Principal Virgil Jeffers spoke with ZIZ News about the importance of highlighting literacy in schools.

“Literacy is very important. It’s not only reading, its reading, writing and having knowledge of specific areas and as such we want students here at Beach Allen to be well rounded. We are hoping that at the end of the weak the children would more appreciate books, they’ll be more willing to read and as such, read not only for fun but for knowledge,” he said.

The week’s activities will include reading to the students on Wednesday, a march through the streets of Basseterre on Thursday and a concert on Friday.

Literacy week 2016 is being held under the theme “Imagine, Create, Appreciate the World of Words around Us”.

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