BHS Health & Safety Task Force

BasseterreHighSchool-1The Health & Safety Task Force, which was convened over a month ago, began the task of reviewing and implementing the recommendations made by the Arbitration Panel as it pertains to the Basseterre High School. To date, we have implemented a number of their recommendations and are working assiduously to complete the others.

The interests of stakeholder organizations are represented by the following persons: Ms. Clarice Cotton (Chief Education Officer) Ministry of Education; Mr. Ron Dublin-Collins President of the St. Kitts Teachers Union (SKTU); Mrs. Carlene Morton (Principal) BHS; and Mr. Walwyn Chiverton (President) BHS PTA Executive; Mrs Jacqueline Chiverton Pemberton (Officer) Department of Labour; Mrs. Simone Bullen-Thompson (Solicitor General) Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs and Ms June Hughes (Senior Environmental Officer) Department of Planning and Environment. The Health & Safety Task Force is chaired by Mr. Andrew M. Skerritt, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health.

In an attempt to effectively address the Health concerns at the Basseterre High School, the Health & Safety Task Force through the Ministry of Health has sought the assistance of PAHO/WHO, the premier regional Public Health Agency for the Americas, to review and recommend environmental testing agencies. PAHO/WHO has agreed to collaborate with the Ministry of Health and in doing so, will submit a full proposal in early January regarding the testing of the site.

The Task force is mindful that the welfare of the staff and students of the Basseterre High School is of paramount importance. Therefore, we will continue to work with the Ministry of Education in ensuring the full implementation and completion of the on going remedial work at the Basseterre High School.

The members of the Health & Safety Task Force will continue the cordial working environment established from its inception to ensure a safe and healthy teaching/ learning environment at the Institution.

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